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Shocking :Here’s why it’s better to stop drinking orange juice!

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It would appear that orange juice is not as healthy as we thought it was. In fact, it would appear to be as bad as cola.
We will refrain from drinking a glass of fresh orange juice from now on…

1-The Dutch Health Council explains that fruit sugars in orange juice are absorbed by the body very quickly when they enter the body in liquid form. Because they so quickly enter the body in large quantities, the body easily converts these sugars into fat. This means that you can gain weight fairly quickly, and people with more fat mass will be more likely to suffer from diabetes.

2-Did you know that if you drink a glass of orange juice every day, you consume up to 53,000 extra calories each year? One glass of orange juice a day equals 14 kilograms of sugar a year. Therefore, orange juice will not help you lose weight.

3-Want to increase your vitamin C intake without consuming the sugars in orange juice? Many vegetables contain more vitamin C than oranges. An orange contains about 50 to 75 milligrams of vitamin C. Broccoli, red pepper and kale, on the other hand, contain almost 90 milligrams of vitamin C. You can easily do without your daily orange juice and have a good intake of vitamin by incorporating more of these foods into your diet. Eat an orange in the morning and add one of these three vegetables to your meal to benefit from your dose of vitamin C.

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