Semifreddo coconut and cocoa

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50 ml water
125 g sugar
5 egg yolks
125 g coconut chocolate mousse
20 cl whole cream grated coconut

Leave the choco-coco foam in a warm place so that it is not too compact.

In a saucepan, heat the sugar and water.
As soon as the mixture reaches 110 °C, drizzle over the egg yolks, whisking with a mixer.
Continue beating at high speed until mixture is cold.

Add the coco-choco mousse to the egg/cold sugar mixture.

Beat the cold cream into the whipped cream.
Gently fold into the chocolate mixture.

Pour into a silicone cake mould (or a classic mould covered with plastic film)

Place at least 6 hours in the freezer.

Roast the shredded coconut for a few minutes in the frying pan over low heat.

Unmould the ice cream and cut into slices. Serve immediately with the golden coconut.

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