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Only one Teaspoon of this every day and you will be 10 pounds less In a Week!

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The recipe we are about to share with you is mainly preferred for people who need to reduce their excess weight in a healthy way and also avoid increasing their weight in perspective. The reason why this recipe is so effective is because of its ingredients.

This formula consists mainly of a source of thermogenic ingredients mixed. If you still do not realize what it means, we will provide you with a reason to check. In fact, thermogenic foods are foods that have the potential to accelerate digestion of your metabolism and burn fat faster.

Before going straight to the recipe, let’s explain why this formula is so effective for weight loss.


Cinnamon is a pure example of thermogenic food, only because of its characteristics that increase body temperature, helping your body to accelerate metabolism and burn additional fat. In addition, cinnamon controls the insulin levels in your blood, to prevent the storage of fat in your belly. Cinnamon can reduce cravings that usually occur between meals, and often also at night.

Other benefits of cinnamon:

It overcomes the appetite and satiates you.
It will increase body heat, improving metabolism.
It helps prevent contamination and lower unhealthy fat levels in blood vessels.
It also prevents the accumulation of fat in the body, selling weight loss.
It regulates insulin generation and slows glucose metabolism, ending the storage of localized fats.
Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also stimulates digestion. It also reduces the time during which fat stays in the digestive tract. It is crucial for our body to remove lead from essential nutrients in its diet, and conditions that occur in the form of diarrhea can threaten our lifestyle.

As we have already determined, apple cider vinegar stimulates metabolism and promotes faster fat burning. It contains a selection of natural acids and some enzymes that improve your metabolism.

How to lose weight daily:


4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
500 ml of water
4 sticks of cinnamon
1 teaspoon of honey coffee
the directions

Mix all ingredients in a jar (prepare the recipe at night, so you can let the additive prepare for about eight hours before you start eating). Stir the mixture well before tasting.

How to consume:

Take two tablespoons on an empty stomach and take one tablespoon before the meal or each time you start eating the meal.

Don’t be impatient; you can be aware of the distinction from day one. Repeat this method for the last three weeks and you will notice significant weight.

You can get an amazing visible result in just one week:

This will help your metabolism to be used to burn fat faster rather than storing them for your belly. After noticing a great lack of weight, you can start eating a spoonful of this added in the early morning, one for them during the day, and of course, one or two at night as well.

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