Italian seafood soup

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Ingredients -1 kg of octopus -600g of cuttlefish -1kg of clams -300 g shelled prawns -4 slices of toasted bread -Salt. -Pepper -peeled tomatoes

Preparation 1-Boil the octopus in salted water for about 45 minutes, drain and cut into medium pieces. 2-Meanwhile, in a non-stick frying pan, put the clams first, then the mussels, the shelled prawns, then the cuttlefish and the peeled tomato. 3- Cook until the mussels and clams open. At this point, add the chopped octopus and season with salt and pepper, continuing to cook for another 10 minutes. 4-After this time our soup is ready to be served: take 4 dishes, put inside the soup with toasted bread, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and the dish is ready to be tasted.

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