Homemade Pancakes

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30g Butter

2 Egg M
250 ml Whole milk

5ml Vanilla extract

200g Wheat flour

10g Chemical yeast

40g Sugar

Instructions :

1 Melt the butter and allow it to temper slightly, but without losing its liquid form.

2 Beat eggs with milk and vanilla extract, mixing well. In a deep bowl sift the flour together with the chemical impeller and add the sugar.

3 Mix until integrated. We make a hole in the center, like a volcano, and pour the mixture of moist ingredients.

4 Stir gently with a few rods to integrate well everything.
5 When we have finished mixing, add the butter and beat until the mixture is homogeneous.

6 Cover the container with film paper and let the mixture rest in the fridge for an hour. Place an iron over medium heat.

7 When it is hot pour small portions of the dough on the plate, leaving space between them so that they do not stick together, and cook a couple of minutes.

8 When small bubbles start to appear on the surface of the pancakes, we turn and cook on the other side for a couple more minutes.

9 Repeat the operation until the dough is finished. So that the pancakes do not cool while we do the rest we place them on a plate covered with a clean kitchen cloth and keep them in the oven at about 50ÂșC.

10 Serve.

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