Eat two eggs a day and see what happens in your body.

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  1. Protects against the risk of heart disease: Although one egg contains 400 milligrams of cholesterol, eating a cholesterol-rich diet like eggs means discouraging cholesterol production in the body. Similarly, the high content of unsaturated triple fat found in eggs reduces the level of triple fat in the blood, helping to maintain heart health and safety.
  2. Reduces the probability of congenital abnormalities in the embryo: One egg contains 0.7 micrograms of folic acid, the component responsible for the safe formation of the fetal nervous system.
  3. It slows down the manifestations of age: Studies suggest that regular egg intake slows the exposure of body cells and organs to symptoms of aging, thanks to carotene found in egg yolks.
  4. Reduces cancer risk: Due to its amino acid content, salts and vitamins, eggs are foods that help prevent cancer. 5. Skin, hair and liver benefit: Eggs are rich in vitamin B12, biotin and protein as well as sulfur, elements that guarantee you access to vital hair and bright skin. Eggs also contain high levels of lecithin, which helps the liver to do its job of purifying the body from toxins.
  5. Keep your eyes safe: Thanks to the high content of leutin and vitamin A, which is an essential component of night vision, while leutin plays a key role in day vision and color differentiation.
  6. Helps lose weight: Some scientists have found that the commitment to eating eggs for breakfast in a low – calorie diet helps you to double your weight.
  7. Brain protection: It affects the manufacture and functioning of neural conductors present in the brain, such as acetylcholine.
  8. Bones and teeth strengthen: The eggs’ vitamin D content is equivalent to the spoon content of the fish oil they contain, which absorbs calcium and depresses it into bone and tooth. Honey, don’t listen to the old saying that too many eggs are harmful, and enjoy eating two eggs a day to keep you healthy.

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