aubergines in the oven

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3 aubergines
1 scallion of good size
75 g diced or chopped ham
125 ml of cooking cream
olive oil
grated cheese to taste
1 -Let the aubergines be dried and cut in half. With a sharp knife, we make a few diagonal cuts in each of the eggplants, careful not to tear the skin and without reaching the bottom of the whole.

Sprinkle them with plenty of salt and let stand for about 30 minutes, face down, on a sieve. After that time, with the help of an absorbent paper, we clean well the liquid that have released, in this way we will remove the bitter taste that could have the aubergines.

2-We place the baking dish with vegetable paper and place the aubergines on it. Sprinkle with a drizzle of olive oil and put the aubergines in the oven (previously heated), at 180ºC, until tender. In my case it took about 30 minutes, but as I always say, the oven time is indicative, it will depend on how hot your oven and the size of the vegetables. Once the eggplants are done, we take them out and let cool a little.

3 -Chop the spring onion and place it in a frying pan with a pinch of hot oil. We leave it on a very soft fire and, while, we empty the eggplants, taking out their meat with the help of a emptier or a teaspoon. You must be careful not to break the shells to later be able to fill them, and, in addition, it is advisable to leave a little meat on the edges so that they do not lose shape. Once all the meat of the aubergines has been removed, we chop it finitely.

4 -When the onion is tender and transparent, add the chopped ham and turn it until it changes color. Now we incorporate the meat of the aubergines, we move again and leave on fire a few minutes, until the vegetables are well tender.

Now we incorporate the cream and continue cooking, on a soft fire, until we have a juicy and creamy mixture but not excessively liquid. We checked the salt point.

5-We fill the eggplants with the mixture we just cooked. As the aubergines have enough water and are much reduced when cooking them, I usually fill only 4 of the 6 shells, so it is a more complete filling and with better shape.

To finish, we cover the surface with grated cheese and put to gratin, until the eggplants are browned to our liking.

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