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4 homemade detox drinks for weight loss

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In this article, discover 4 home recipes detox juice slimming to boost weight loss and stay healthy.

-Detox juice with active charcoal and apple:

For 1 large glass, you need:

1 golden apple;
1/2 green apple;
1/2 untreated lemon
10 cl of water;
1 tablespoon of ground activated charcoal.
To make this detox juice, follow the steps:

Start by washing the apples and lemon thoroughly;
pass them through the juice extractor to obtain a homogeneous apple juice;
Mix the apple juice with the water and charcoal then enjoy.

-Detox juice slimming with spirulina:

For 1 large glass, you need:

A handful of spinach shoots;
1/2 banana;
1/2 stalk celery;
100 ml coconut water;
1 Tbsp Spirulina Shave.
To make this detox juice recipe slimming, here are the steps to follow:

Start by washing all plants thoroughly;
Mix all the ingredients together in a blender bowl until you get a homogeneous detox vegetable juice;
If necessary, you can add a little coconut water.

-Detox drink with grapefruit and ginger:

For 1 large glass, you need:

1 grapefruit;
2 small carrots or a normal one;
The juice of a yellow lemon;
1.5 cm of ginger root.
To make this detox juice recipe slimming:

Start by washing all your plants thoroughly;
peel ginger and carrots, if not organic;
remove the skin from the grapefruit before passing all ingredients to the centrifuge.

-Drink recipe detox flat stomach:
For 1 large glass, you need:

1 slice pineapple;
100 g white or red cabbage;
1/2 green apple;
the juice of a small lime.
In order to make this juice to lose weight, you must:

Clean the plants thoroughly;
pass them to the extractor or centrifuge to obtain a homogeneous juice.

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